Saturday, March 8, 2014

Looking Forward

Well It has been a little over a year since Our daughter has been in contact with her birth parents. I must say it has not been a very rewarding experience.
One thing about learning of your birth parents is the back baggage they carry. It amazes me how much they hang on to the past. I realize that their live has been altered the moment the child is given up. Do not claim to understand the feelings they have for the months and years to follow. However  One would think that when the time comes to reunite, there would be a sense of achievement. When the child is in sound mind and a pretty good child. Caring ,thoughtful and does not carry a grudge against them.

Another thing I have a hard time understanding is Why is it that the feeling to drag the adopted child into their family saga, or in other-words;Now that she is there she is suppose to know everyones reason for doing things. Maybe it because she is so caring the considerate that folks think she is now their monarch.

The birth mother seems to be loving and caring and just wants a friendly friendship. Doesn't seem to drag her into things. However the rest of the family seems to want a different relationship.  Birth father seem to want to get info about the birth mother family, For some court thing.

I do not think it is a healthy relationship when some are causing what should be a joyous time to be a nightmare. Even if the BF did not want to give up the child, there should be a relief that the child turn out great. 

I am so glad we have a wonderful daughter and continue to support her in her life journeys. However this is a sad time for us. To see her caught up in these other families saga. Something I never wanted her to have to go through.

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